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Commercial Litigation/Debt Collection


We are dedicated to providing high quality legal services in a modern cost-effective manner. Operating nationwide in Portugal, client service and positive results are the most important aspects of our legal practice.

We pride ourselves on offering a personalized service, providing you the fastest contact and advice to help you resolve your problem. We are a proud member of the European Debt Collection Lawyers Alliance.
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Contingency fees


With speed and precision that no other organization can match, we quickly deliver tangible results. For most cases not involving litigation we act on a contingency basis. However, every case is previously quoted after checking the debtor’s solvency and the case’s difficulty.

Free immediate solvency report

When identifying your debor with its name and VAT number, we will send you within 30 minutes - without any obligation - a free solvency report about the debtor. This report will help - both you and us - to check for the possibilities of recovering your credit.



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Please chose email to communicate with us. Emailing is fast instantaneous, reduces geographic and time zone barriers for businesses, helps increase productivity and is cost-effective.

It also prevents misunderstandings. Email us and you’ll be surprised with how speedy you’ll get an answer!
Please don’t
Please don’t contact us regarding family law or immigration issues, we don’t usually work on those cases.

Please also don’t contact to try to propose any money laundering schemes, we will not cooperate on illegal activities.
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The Code of Conduct for European Lawyers dates back to 28 October 1988. It has been amended three times; the latest amendment took place at the plenary session in Oporto on 19 May 2006.

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